Born of International Integration Bond (Existentialism) thought& causes behind its

Earth has been providing food & shelter to all creatures directly & indirectly since billion & billion years. All natural functions of earth are also the elevators of consciousness of all creatures & materials. Arisen of consciousness is arising of knowledge. Man has made society & fulfilling theirs existential needs by innovating systems, procedures individually& collectively age wise base on evolution of knowledge as per best suitability with balancing to socio-economy among them for getting happiness. This called existential social concept. Age wise collective effect of existential social concept is current human civilization. Though existential social concepts stand for fulfill & balance the society regionally & internationally, then also due to lack of perpetual conception of purpose of human life & universal common human stake’s destination, vision & mission platform ,human civilization standing  on ammunition heap & maximum people of the world suffering from unhappy ,poverty,ignorance,sentiment,fascination,illusion,passion,obsession & hallucination. This is called unseen natural calamity. This is the time to analyze the past, present & future social, political, religion & economical scenario of world & future destination of human stake, then we the world people think about an International common existential social concept reformation platform to resist the repulsion act in every field of society through out the world with amusing God given earth properties (Land,water,air,sunshine,forest,metal,mineral etc.) along feeling soul properties(Existence, consciousness & happiness) both personally & unanimously which is the purpose of human life.

                         Age wise existential social systems (world wide Governments laws, non-government social ethics) in every field as per evolution of knowledge have been also some extend fulfilling & balance the society since ancient age. But World people are divided from ancient age, and  have been fighting each other due to unrefined existential social concept & less of existential, brotherhood, philanthropist leadership in the name of sentimental & fascinated man made language, religion, country boundary, sovereignty, imperialism, caste, race, creed, power, position , money, political party, dominance foreign policy ,patriotism, community ,regional ,state,country,material possession etc, and creating gigantic socio-economy unbalance among world people.

                                                       We all know details about nurturing potentiality of world wide existing governance systems, religions & its impacts upon world people from ancient age to still now. So many world wide governments laws & non-governments organization are also working for control or mould or mitigate the repulsion act upon existential social concept in every field of society from very beginning. We are observing that how much technology in every field such as prosperity, living standard, gaiety, luxury, infrastructure, agriculture, industry, education & IT are increasing continuously, simultaneously violence,strike,ghero,civil war,war,wepons competition, poverty, ignorance,disintegration,discrimination, manipulation, humiliation, exploitation, harassment, conspiracy, self interest groups,anti-social groups, differentiate, man made widows, orphans, disables and inequality  wave of thought have been blowing among maximum people of world due to lack of perpetual truth goading about the purpose of human life since long ago.

                                    Governance concepts have been changing period to period for batter fulfillment of the interest of the public. Counties wise people have been giving their consent to governing people to govern them by changeable governance concepts from ancient age to still now.

 Internationally & country wise, there are so many preventive & corrective laws for protect nurture & fulfill the uphold of existence individually & collectively. Now it is also observed that due to superstition, hallucination, fascination, passion, fanatic, sentiment, suppresses, non-perpetual motivation, threat, self interest groups, lack of boost, upbeat, conspiracy, extremist, dominance, non-cooperation, lack of scientific projection of purpose of life, repulsion act upon existential social concept among people maximum people of the world are under unhappy, poverty & ignorance. Therefore world people are disintegrated.

                             On the other hand Man God of very community have been preaching & showing  the way of being & becoming to man practically, and giving salvation to  man about the root cause of unhappy & violence .We are all belongs to anyone of community. We are all worshiping to our Ideal being for getting happy. Therefore all religious books of every community all over the world are the ways to get happy individually & collectively with amusing the post, position, material possession, gaiety, luxury, fame, and name is called as earth properties management. But due to malexplaining of religious books of disciples of every community of Man God, maximum people of

the worlds are sentimental, obscured, hallucinated, fascinated, disintegrated, no trusted & blundered.

                                                    However technology, existential social concepts & religions aim is to fulfill & uphold the life & growth for getting happy individually & collectively.

                                      We are all public. We should think about unify perpetual way to draw unification among world people to fulfillment of the interest of the public & purpose of human life. So International Integration Bond(Human Bond) is a one of social concept reformation platform where people of the world unanimously will give theirs refined suggestion to governing people of every organization in the society to mould the repulsion intelligence & ignorance act along with regulate & pursuing action accordingly by them to balance the world wide human society  continuously as long human stake is alive, which has not been practiced in all existential social concept in the world since ancient age .We are the public, we can make batter existential social concept for batter civilization without bloodshed, strike, ghero, loses of production, productivity, time, wages, gathering ,crowd ,loud etc,but through process & system .There may be better governance systems country wise all over the world, but public will be integrated by own concept, which is “Existentialism” means being & becoming, not for faulty ‘ISM’ concept or group of people concept. It is base on perpetual truth & aim is to save human stake & create peace world.

What is International Integration Bond?

International Integration Bond is an International common existential social concept reformation platform in every field of world wide human society among country people along with world people with moral, ethical & spontaneous responsible way by above the sentiment, inferiority, fascination,

hallucination, aggressive, retaliation, without recitation of past history, but with non-violence & system. International Integration Bond is a human bond among country people & world people with analysis, synthesis, existential, brotherhood, philanthropist, perpetual base movement. It will integrate the world wide various temperament people registered by country wise society act  abiding & complying with races, castes, creeds, religions, communities, ethic, customs, ritual,NGO,any social organization, existing governance systems, laws, states & countries etc.Below figure highlights the sense of I.I.B.

International Integration Bond (Human Bond) concept & action plan complying with country wise society act can be made unanimously by world wide social reformers for wipe out the non-existential social concept wave thought among maximum people of the world which is inducing into human civilization since ancient age & blowing an “Existentialism” wave base on non-violence,normal,easy,systematic,planning,steady,determine & “Earth is one country & all man are one race” for make a trust, integrate & peace world.

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    Instinct and habit to blow an "Existentialism" thought among world people

    Human Civilization

    July 2012